Let’s Clear Things Up

Let’s Clear
Things Up

Our free Ultimate Guide to
Buying Your First Home

Our free Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Home

Let’s Clear
Things Up

Our Free Guide
to Buying Your First Home

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, Clear Mortgage Capital is here to help. Our 24-page guide covers everything you need to know about buying your first home and will help you make the transition from renting to owning smoothly. It’s an invaluable resource that you don’t want to be without.

This ebook is available in pdf format.

What’s in the book

How to know when you’re ready to buy
Importance of the pre-approval
Choosing the right home
Making an offer and negotiation tactics
Choosing a lender
Deciding what loan works best for you
Understanding the mortgage process
Demystifying inspections, contingencies & more
Simplifying the closing process
Moving in

We created the Digital Mortgage to make obtaining financing faster, easier, and more secure. Our skilled loan officers are here to assist you throughout the process. In addition, we have developed the Homebuyers Guide to further assist you in achieving your homebuying goals.

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